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Transformice art #5


It’s time for the weekly fanarts post!
As usual, I’ve been watching deviantart and the forum to find your awesome fanarts! So what has been done this week?

Candmimi :

Damisays :

Finnys :

GingermoonJude :

Mejcia :

Mekkeeyy12 :

Penchenbko :

Rainy-Wolfeh :

Rekenshark :

Tails-Doll-Lover :

Transformice art #4


Hey ! ^^

For this weekly post I thought it would be preferable to explain how to share your arts.

  • Create your own gallery on the official forum. Many talented artists chose this solution and have their own galleries with their followers. For users, it’s also the best choice to keep tracks of changes and new submissions from an artist they like.
  • If you don’t want to handle your own thread or if you have only one fanart to share, you can also post it here.
  • For deviantart users, you can also share your fanarts via this TFM group :!

Enough talk! Here comes the fanarts!

Ameliya :

Aqualion :

Catfang :

Filister :

Fillred :

Pompomball :

Roxnin :

Shadowdragon :

Spinnando :

XxdarkchuxX :





  • Removing the carnival event.
  • Dynamic cloud grounds won’t fall through other cloud grounds anymore.
  • /ch command is now fixed.

Français »

  • L’event du carnaval a été retiré du jeu.
  • Les sols nuage dynamiques ne passent plus à travers les autres sols nuage.
  • La commande /ch est maintenant réparée.

Português »

  • Evento de carnaval foi removido.
  • Pisos dinâmicos invisíveis não mais cairão através de outros pisos invisíveis.





Transformice art #3


Last wednesday was Tigrounette’s birthday so for this weekly fanarts post we decided to share all the awesome fanarts he received!
I’ll upload here 10 fanarts, but you’re able to see them all here :

Blossum :

Djgal :

 Jadehawk :

Jaybirds :

Kimmymice :

Mimzehchu :

Randyjo :

Robotalienx :

Sabusha :

Squeeval :


I’d like to thank everyone once again for these awesome fanarts! They are really awesome!




maintenance Tigrounette fixed the tribe houses changes :

  • You can now correctly play a map after the current one. (/npp @code)
  • You can now correctly define a new synchronisator. (/sy nickname)
  • You can now correctly turn on/off snow in your tribe house . (/neige)

Other changes :

  •  Languages filter is now back on, but you can now whisper in every server.

Français »

Tigrounette a corrigé les modifications liées aux maisons de tribus :

  • Vous pouvez à présent jouer correctement une map après celle en cours. (/npp @code)
  • Vous pouvez à présent modifier correctement le synchronisateur de la map. (/sy pseudo)
  • Vous pouvez à présent faire tomber correctement de la neige dans votre maison de tribu . (/neige)

Autres modifications :

  • Les filtres de langues sont de retour, mais vous pouvez à présent chuchoter dans tous les serveurs.

Português »

Tigrounette corrigidas as modificações relacionadas com as casas de tribos:

  • Agora você pode colocar  corretamente um mapa depois do atual. (/npp @codigo)
  • Agora você pode modificar corretamente o sync do mapa. (/sy Nick do jogador)
  • Agora você pode colocar corretamente neve no cafofo da tribo. (/neige)



Carnaval do Rio !


We hope you’re enjoying this brand-new secret event we’ve added this morning! And to celebrate the carnival with our beloved brazilian players, Melibellule even created an other awesome wallpaper with all her love.

Choose your resolution !

Please share your thoughts about it HERE.

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